That’s not true, though is it?

for starters you don’t have to apologize for defending a douchebag, because i’m willing to accept you are defending the right to speech not the douchebag.

But this is complicated because we have private business who have decided they do not want to be seen promoting his business. despite what you claim nobody has said you can’t say this stuff out loud and in public, he still has his radio show and tv and GCN is still pretty happy with him.

So no… he isn’t being censored. What if a stripper could afford to advertise on good morning america? are they required to let her speak her mind and sell her wares? that’s all alex jones is… would anyone not understand that?

Truth is alex jones will probably sell twice as many t-shirt’s and “vitality” supplements as he ever did because of this.

It’s not that i don’t understand what you are saying, it’s that i just don’t agree with your “facts”.

appreciate your input though.