Donald Trump Is No Joke: James McGill Buchanan’s Plan for the Deliberate Dismantling of Democracy
Cynthia Dagnal-Myron

I don’t buy it

Not because I don’t believe the country is going down the crapper, but because I believe what you are suggesting requires too much time and conflicting requirements.

In order to manipulate the plodding machinery of this countries government you’d have to have like a 50 year plan, that could survive the bumbling self serving stupidity and ignorance of 10 or more administrations, congressional and senate elections etc.

And you’d have to keep it quiet for most all of that time. I don’t doubt there could be some group of extremely rich powerful people who might aspire to that sort of thing, but it would require a singular approach over a very long time span to actually achieve results. Honestly I think people with that much money and lust for power can’t really help but sabotage their own desires by the very greed and back stabbing that got them there. Say what you will about the super rich and powerful, but they cannot (yet anyhow) extract themselves from being human.’s not like there is some steady trajectory present over the last 10 presidents. Just look at the gyrations of policy, power and stupidity present in the last handful: reagan, bush, clinton, bush, obama, trump…

Its pure conspiracy theory to think there is a hidden hand here. I know we love a good conspiracy if only to relieve ourselves of the blame.

Sadly I’m afraid what we are looking at here is more akin to the result of a broken system devolving into a gridlocked organization bound by rules and mores which are out of sync with the reality of the situation.

Obviously there is a huge gap here… how did this happen? Why? Who is responsible? How do we fix it? How do we prevent it from happening?

I don’t claim to have the answers to these, though I’d love to listen and discuss. But I honestly believe this is sort of a systemic failure of a very complicated system… kind of like a natural system that has evolved into what may be a dead end without some remarkable adaptation which allows it to survive in its modern environment.

Its like the stories you hear about the middle aged alcoholic who has bumbled along fairly successfully until something finally throws them into a tailspin towards rock bottom. All the signs of dysfunction were there, but could be ignored until they really hit the skids.

There, they, or us actually can decide to make some hard choices and do what needs to be done.

You see signs of that..people coming out for things that they sort of took for Granted before. ACA seemed pretty unpopular until they tried to kill it… then people realized its hard, I mean morally hard, to take people’s access to the things that keep them alive, to take that away from them.

I don’t think we are at rock bottom…and it makes me tear up to think what that will look like and to think about the things we will have to lose in order to make us all stand up and stiffen our newly sober spines and start participating in this democracy of ours.

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