How Autocracy Rises
umair haque

I don’t buy that this country is an autocracy and so can’t really agree that the institutions have completely failed. Floundering? Perhaps but to close the book on them is premature.

I think the world, and certainly this country is undergoing some profound changes and this is putting pressure on some of the institutions you speak of. But these sorts of organizations move and evolve slowly, by design and when they do bend they do so in response to the people they serve. Granted they do this to varying degrees.

Some will no doubt fail over time, or be so changed that they are reinvented.

What I find interesting, is how eager you are to make the claim that America is an autocracy. Interesting because as far as I know there is but one working definition of the term and this country clearly does not meet that condition.

So I’d very much like to hear your interpretation of the term or understand the motivation for claiming it is, what it so clearly is not.

Please explain.

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