We marched, and it’s happening anyway

I’m torn here and maybe you all can help.

I’m an old white male

I work with women all the time, and I value their perspective, because like it or not it is often unique and very often in my line of work you are looking to try something a different way when the old way doesn’t work.

I don’t believe I am sexist in a negative way, though technically by definition I must be if I think women are different than men.

I believe very strongly that women should have an equal say on matters of healthcare and should be deeply involved in any legislation or programs surrounding their health and care.

In short I agree with almost all of what was said in your post, yet as I read it I felt as if it was written against me, mostly because I am an older white male.

I get how easy it is to pigeonhole those who you find to be your adversary’s, but if progress is being made, and I think in my lifetime much progress has been made, would you be better off to bring those into the fold who agree with you, or continue to exclude them based on their gender, their age and their race?

As I write that It occurred to me just how ironic this term “old white male” is in this day and age. Much of that we have brought on ourselves and I can deal with it. So I am speaking more in terms of building consensus, gathering steam by including anyone who agrees with you, though they may themselves be imperfect, rather than excluding those who don’t fit the stereotype.

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