The Trump/Russia Memos Might Not Be All They’re Cracked Up to Be
Taylor Griffin

It’s a frightening proposition really. As I read this you say the real threat is that there is a continuous stream of fake news, that a large portion of the country… in this case probably a majority of the country want to believe… this discredits this guy trump. Of course, and perhaps rightly so trump calls it all fake news… which just discredits all news.

In the end… you can’t really believe the news and never could really believe trump.

Brilliant ploy. Trump may not have known anything about the Russian interference in the election… but by helping a clown get elected… we all look like fools, the countries progress is seriously hobbled our influence in the world goes into the crapper.

To be honest it feels like when you are playing chess and you realize three moves out you are in checkmate unless you sacrifice your queen.