Mike Pence’s dinner rule would stop female journalists from doing their jobs
Helen Joyce

Its very possible that a guy like pence figures nobody can accuse him of anything if he is never alone at dinner or out at an event without his wife.

Its unfair to turn this back on him saying he doesn’t trust himself etc. I think most of you know that deep down.

I will admit it is very old school and doesn’t show much regard for the value of a woman’s perspective. I mean I have an absolutely fantastic wife, but if I were a politician I think I’d want other women’s views etc.

The good news/bad news here is that most men do not feel this way and are more than happy to have dinner or drinks with just about anyone. The fact that you (op) have had dinner with triple digits worth of guys only proves this point. So while mike pences views on this matter could in theory present a problem for female reporters, it doesn’t appear to be a growing trend

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