Obama on guns: just more gun control theater
Jay Maynard

Jay the more I read from you the happier I am that you consider me an enemy

You, as so many of your ilk do, want to make this entire debate about guns about Obama. It makes no sense.. This debate is ongoing for years, clearly predates our current president and he openly acknowledges there is very little he can do as president on this matter. So really it is just an issue of him speaking his mind? That bothers you all because…..?

As for your tired arguments around needing protection… you need protection from who? Why?

Are you going to protect us all In a crowded theater when some batshit crazy guys starts shooting? Or are you accidentally going to shoot a couple people in the process? I just don’t trust gun fanatics like you jay.

What are you going to do when the swat team shows up and you are standing there with your gun and a crazy smile on your face… you think they are going to recognize that you are o e of the good guys?

I’m all for people owning guns for hunting. I’ve been on this planet a good long time and lived in a lot of places and thus far have never, ever needed to protect myself with a gun and feel no need to carry one in public. I certainly don’t delude myself into believing that if the govt. ever turns on us that we have much chance in hell of fighting our military.

Sorry Jay… not sure what it is you are afraid of.