Your entire response is ad hominem. Not a single counter argument.
Rick Fischer

Lol… so my entire belief system is based on what other people have told me… and I can fix that by believing what you tell me??

Really Rick ?

Ad hominem? Useful idiots…?

Look Rick as you’ve said, I’m not going to convince you of anything and visa versa, I don’t really even care what you think about climate change, and I’m guessing you feel pretty much the same.

Fact is I’m not a climatologist, and neither are you, hell there is clearly a lot of debate even among the experts. All of which means… to me, that it’s at the limits of what we can currently understand.

I understand it is a fascinating topic, but you really are not doing the science any favors by adding your bias… quite the contrary.

That Rick is why I’m not going to argue, with you about what even the climate scientists can’t agree upon. Because my problem is not with your science but with the bias you inject into this, needlessly.

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