Check the Constitution again, if you are born in this country you are automatically a citizen and…
Tim Knowles

No… those are rights you have under the constitution for all citizens of the United States, not just those born here and those rights are not to be taken lightly or changed on your whim.

Globalization is not going to stop and we can build walls and exclude immigrants and try to cover are eyes and pretend like this world we helped to create will go away

But it won’t… it will keep on going with or without us… we will stagnate because our aerospace engineers will grow fat happy and stupid not having to compete with the world.

Remember capitalism ? The guy who does it best wins. We cut our teeth on that idea and if the Brits can do it better for less $ then they should win.

Fact of the matter is I have confidence that we can compete with the rest of the world but we can’t do it by burying our head in the sand… hell we’ve done it. You want quality steel… it comes from the US.. not china. You want to find oil? The very best work here and are from here..

Now maybe we can’t compete making pillow cases… or clothes and if we can’t… then we shouldn’t. Simple

Quit whining and compete

Its what we do

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