Hi I’m not sure what you’re getting at here?
Amanda Stroud

Perhaps I was trying too hard not to offend anyone. It is a emotionally charged topic and people do get so very charged up about it.

Women in particular have every right to decide what to do with their pregnancy and I believe I state that explicitly. In fact I have no issues at all with the pro choice side of this discussion.

I find the pro life’s position that abortion is “killing” and all lives are sacred approach to be hypocritical. Because one way or another humanity condones taking human lives (and many other lives) all the time to suite our needs. I’m not suggesting we should regard taking any life easily, we should not. I am saying clearly there are situations where society has already decided that taking a life is required and that this is another one of those regrettable situations.

I don’t need to have been pregnant to speak about this or to have a valid opinion here. Granted there are aspects of this issue I can never fully appreciate (i.e The bond a mother is capable of having with her child at any stage). But I think I understand enough about it to trust that a pregnant mother is probably the only one who can fully appreciate her situation and what it means to her life and I am content to let her decide.

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