Well, since this whole story is essentially a microcosm of why Trump is so popular among large…
Paul Frantizek

Sorry Paul, no way for you to have known this…but I lived in Houston for a large portion of my life, and inside the loop long before it became what it is today. You probably are not aware that Houston has plenty of immigrants, legal and otherwise and I have heavy interaction with both.

I do not condone illegal immigrants but not do I assume they are all evil. The world is so much more complicated than that. I have a special understanding for anyone who has been brought to this country at a young age, grown up here, made a concerted effort to get an education AND used that education to help her community and others. She is a productive positive influence on the world around her if we take what she says as an indication of who she is.

If I take what you say… And make the same evaluation I come up with a different answer. They are your words, you chose them and do so in a public forum and do so willingly.

For the record DACA is a path to a 2 year work permit, with no guarantee of citizenship (thus the first word in the acronym is deferred). The idea is to treat those who are brought here as children, as something other than criminals. No.. I don’t have a problem with that.

AVID is not designed as a welfare program it is actually a program for those who are historically under represented in higher education and to provide them some means of obtaining a good education through their own means. To get a good education and become productive members of society. I don’t have a problem with that either.

I would like to modify something I said earlier… I would happily trade one individual like the original poster for 7 individuals, not 5, with your attitude.

Have some heart man… this woman didn’t break the law coming here, she grew up here with here parents… probably not much different than you did. It became her home because that is where her family lived, probably like your home. She is expressing the fear she felt and feels around the uncertainty of her future in this country where she grew up and has done a good job building a constructive foundation for life. Probably not much different than you or I.

But all you have offered in response is to call her a liar, shown her your resentment and anger. Perhaps you find it acceptable to hate or be angry at groups of people for a variety of reasons known only to you.

But what is it about this individuals circumstances and her point of view that makes it acceptable to be so rude to her?

And what purpose does it serve?