Diversity Is Strength
Rick Fischer

This is a rare moment for me Rick, because I actually appreciate some of your options here even if I see some serious problems with how one might address this.

I think there is no doubt that diversity makes democracy exceedingly difficult.

I also agree that over the years there has been a change in how people think of themselves and their relationship with this country. People le are far more likely to be some ethnicity first and an American, where there was a time in my younger life where everyone seemed to identify first as American.

But I don’t believe you can ascribe all of that to increased diversity, some of it must surely be a function of increased awareness of ethnicity… though the two would almost have a direct relationship

But my real concern… is assuming you are right, how could anyone fix it?

Cats out of the bag… the world is a slowly churning cauldron of migration and people on the move and we are all destined to be bumping into and living next to people and cultures like never before.

You cant stop it… so what do you do?

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