Is Trump a genius?

Trump has the luxury of having no plan, no long game, no details to get bogged down in, alternate scenarios, compromises to be made, extenuating circumstances to wrestle with….

It’s hardly genius… it’s just bouncing from one days events to the next, no follow through required.

It seems hard to believe that anything meaningful to 300 million people could come out of this approach to governing.

It would be great if I were wrong and he implements universal healthcare. If that destroys the Democratic Party… who cares. Neither party really serves much purpose beyond perpetuating its own existence. So losing one would shake things up but another will spring forth in its place… it has too. There has to be a “them” in order for their to be and “us” and the fight between them and us is necessary to the existence of R and D.

Loosing one of the parties because trump implements universal healthcare is the least of our worries.

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