No need to say anything substantial or anything that might actually make a case for what you say……
Rick Fischer

Truth be told the article mr perk wrote was and IS about three different types of people who cling to trump. Two of which say nothing about race.

The third type does clearly acknowledge the race IS an issue for SOME of those who support trump. This is the part you identify with and seem offended by?

If you don’t think there is still a racial component to some of those who dislike this man and his policies then you are in serious denial.

Now if you think there needs to a fourth group of republicans who are just tired of the govt pushing things like the freedom for a woman to choose what she does with her body , clean air, the freedom to love and marry whom you choose, a more viable and equitable approach to healthcare, addressing climate etc… well sure you should comment on that.

But of course trump doesn’t really verbalized any details in any of these issues… he just promised to make everything like it was 30 years ago.


Back at ya Rick Fischer

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