Thank you.
Rick Fischer

You don’t get to lecture on techniques and style for meaningful debate when you

A. Do the very things in your reply that you claim stifle debate

B. End a post in a thread with FU

I believe I’ve run across you before

You are sort of a blog bully. A reasonably smart guy or at least fairly well versed in current topics but unable to extend your discussions Beyond the talking points lifted from someone else.

Like the EPA claim. So what is it you believe EPA to stand for if not at a minimum of clean air?

You do everything within your mean to deflect conversation from the actual point of the original issue… I assume because you cannot go in depth on the original issue

So… this started because you identified with one of three groups of trump supporters and it happened to be the group that is overtly racist.

You chose to tell the OP to FU because you thought he was race baiting you?

So tell me then… why are you a trump supporter?

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