DLHICKS, Here is a short list of why I see hope in this“ whitehouse.
Marino Abbondondolo

You know Marino there are few things in life easier than having and holding an unshakable opinion. An opinion that requires no additional thought, consideration or education.

All I was suggesting was that I find it amazing that two people can look at the exact same situation and see radically different images, but most fascinating of all is how often and how few ever wonder how that could be possible and what the ramifications are.

We are a remarkably egocentric species

P.S. if that is your phone number.. we’ll it makes me smile. If it is someone else’s phone number, well I do hope they read your post and act accordingly.

Our short conversation here has convinced me to create my own unshakable opinion about you. This is one instance where I am content to let that stand.

Best of luck.

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