At last week when I cleaned up my home and tried to organize my journal books (yes, I keep writing journals in a very old-school way), I found it was interesting to see the quotes I liked from my different period.

When I was 10 years old

  • At the beginning of Alice in Wonderland, Alice glances at a book her sister is reading, notices it has no illustrations or dialog, and thinks, “And what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?” I’m 100% agree Alice’s point. …

There is a general understanding that writing is one of the best ways for a designer to think through what they have done and what they will do. Writing can also improve one’s expression and communication which are very significant skills to a designer.

When I was in the design college, the professor told us design work started with writing, which was really eye-opening to me at that time. Recently I was so curious how a writer’s writing process is, I was eager to read books about creative writing, and found interestingly, a writer started with visualizing. …

——This post comes from my rethinking after a whispered complaint on my job

Back in the days when I was a college student, my majors were Materials Engineering and Computer Science; I accepted four years training of science and engineering thinking. When I graduated, although I hadn’t accepted any art and design related education, with a huge passion, I found a graphic designer job at a magazine. At that time, I naturally thought designers did not have a significant impact on business; I had to obey what my boss asked me to do, customer’s word was the most important. …

In the last week, the Bohemian Coding company finally launched the latest big update, Sketch 43.

I once used to create web animations by HTML and CSS, however, due to their limitation, I started to turn to SVG, which offers me more interesting capabilities.

Years ago, when I saw some beautiful animations and data visualizations on internet, I failed to save them by right clicking mouse. However, I was surprised that the text in animation could be copied and pasted.

Something like these:

(The examples here are GIF, not real SVG)

I finally got my hands on the Nintendo Switch this weekend. I couldn’t feel better.

As a “hybrid” console, the modular design and multi-mode have generated lots of heat in game fans, there are unboxing and game videos everywhere right now, but what I want to share is not about hardware specs or any game, I just want to talk about the new UI design of Nintendo switch.

When turned on the power at the first time, I could feel the clear user interface came from the screen. I still remembered the terrible user experience when I played Wii and…

At Verdigris, we think a lot about the customer experience. Traditional installation processes for energy meters are expensive and difficult. Their installation manuals don’t help. They are often dozens of pages of printed text. Over time they became reference documents for safety and compliance. We wanted to make the experience customer centric again. Our goal was to make it easier to understand the relevant parts by hiding the parts that don’t matter.

Today, we’re excited to announce the Quick Start Guide. The Verdigris quick start guide is an interactive installation manual. It adapts based on your input and surfaces only…

On the surface, this is a story of how Verdigris redesigned the User Interface (“UI”) for a sophisticated electricity monitoring mobile app, Energy Tracker. But like most things that seem simple at first view, there’s a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Energy Tracker works for facility managers and engineers, allowing them to peer deep inside their buildings looking for unseen equipment problems. Many of these problems have been developing silently and are invisible to the naked eye until it’s too late. …

Building operators are busy, busy people. The bulk of their time is spent responding to urgent requests and fighting fires: occupant complaints, sudden breakdowns in heating and cooling, or an unexpected blackout from downed power lines. From dozens of conversations that we’ve had with facility managers, general managers, and chief engineers, we know they aren’t able to proactively address problems and run their buildings the way they would like to.

What if their building could talk to them, and tell them about the problems that are about to happen? Imagine if that building could regulate and fix itself! Not just…

Daniela Li

SF bay area based product designer. I design for the other side of screens to solve real problems.

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