Why Can’t I Connect to My D-link Router Admin Page?

If you are facing any issue, in order to connect your dlinkrouter.local admin page. Then, you are standing at the right position. From this blog, one can easily deal with the issue.

Steps to fix can’t login to D-link router admin page

Here are the following important steps, which definitely helps the users to deal with the “can’t connect to my D-link router admin page” issue. It includes:-

In the foremost step, the user need to connect the computer’s network to any of your D-link router’s LAN port only with the help of network cable. Additionally, make sure that the WAN port of your router should already be connected to the modem.

Besides that, one can manually check the physical connectivity by verifying the solid pink light on the Ethernet port of your Wi-Fi enabled device. If the user not able to view the solid light, then he/she may need to use a different cable either try to connect to different port.

Now, go to the control panel and click on the network connection. Moreover, ensure that the local area connection is enabled properly and should not be bridged with any other connection. In case, if the user will see any icon “Bridge”, delete it.
In the third step, ty to check your internet protocol address. Ensure that, every computer have an IP address within the same range of your device.

Besides that, if the users wants to configure their D-link router, then one need to note the computer’s default gateway internet address. Whereas the default internet protocol (IP) address of D-link router is Otherwise, go to the control panel > Network connections > Local area connection, then click to properties option. After that select the TCP/IP option and finally, click on the properties option.

If the user fails to access the router’s configuration page, then you are prompted to reset the D-link router. To perform the reset procedure, the user need to press the reset button, hold it for at least 10 seconds and after sometime, release it. Then, powered it on and try to log in to your D-link router.
After that, go to your internet settings. Visit to the control panel and select the internet option. Then, go to security tab and click on the button in order to restore the setting to the default.
Now, the user need to restart the internet browser and again try to access the D-link router.
Consequently, disable any internet security software which is running on the computer.

Now, try to check with your files included firewall software.

So, from the above steps, one can easily connect to dlinkrouter.local admin page in a hassle-free manner.

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Dlinkrouter.local is the web address to login D-link router. You can also try an IP address where you can use the default credential as admin.

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