A climate-change catastrophe

Daniel Little
Jun 2, 2017 · 2 min read

How many hundreds of millions of Americans will be harmed because of Donald Trump’s reckless, petulant, and unreasoned abrogation of the United States’ commitment to the Paris climate accord today? How many billions of human beings are harmed worldwide? The answers are perfectly clear if you have the slightest regard for a scientific understanding of the world and the best thinking of researchers and policy experts throughout the world. This is an atrocious decision. The Paris accord is our last best hope to slow down and mitigate the effects of human-caused climate change.

And unhappily, the consequences of today’s action will be severe and long enduring. The first people who will suffer will be poor people throughout the United States and the world. Bangladeshis, pictured above, are already experiencing the human costs of sea-level rise. But eventually all of us will suffer dramatically because of today’s decision and other environmental policy actions already taken by the Trump adminstration.

This president has given up all claim to be acting selflessly and rationally on behalf of the best interests of our country. He needs to recognize the awesome moral responsibility he has as president, to act soberly and rationally on behalf of all of us. It is flatly unacceptable to act in a purely personal and capricious way, as this president has done so often in the first months in office.

The president’s action does not represent the will of the majority of Americans. It is flatly contrary to the best advice of scientists and policy experts. It is condemned by the world’s leaders. To be a climate-change denier in the current circumstances is to willfully and recklessly choose a course of harm for the planet. President Trump, we demand more from you!

    Daniel Little

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