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Thank you Bob Berwyn. Your article, your recommendations are very helpful and should be heeded. I’ve been a skier and an environmentalist for over 50 years. I’d like to share 3 individual actions taken to reduce my C footprint. One, I have transitioned from almost exclusively downhill to almost exclusively cross country. No need for a costly lift. And aerobic, full body exercise. Second, I’ve always driven low mileage cars and, for the most part, avoided the drag of a ski rack by securing skiis in the car. A Porsche in the 60s and a Saab in the 70s, and now a Prius, all with snow tires, gave me the traction I needed. Chains were needed on occasions. Third, I applaud your suggestion to avoid the meat. Animal-based food require 5–10 times more resources. More and more ski area lunch counters offer vegan chili that provides all the restorative protein needed.

Don Merrick

Tigard, OR

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