The era of content — it can teach you anything from how to cook guacamole to mining Bitcoin at home. What you are going to read has been said thousands of times, yet, startups and even big IT companies keep repeating the same mistakes!

Let’s start with the very core — product development. Read on and find out what can go wrong when it seems a piece of cake for you!

This is the complete guide on how NOT to fail over the smallest thing. We’ll start with the very core — product development. …

WARNING! All situations described in the article are based on real stories. If these situations seem familiar, you might need to review the last part of the article several times before you close it.

Meet John!

John is a successful Sales Manager at a product company that is advertising its CRM system. The company is desperately searching for new customers. John thought that widening his network might help him acquire some new leads and thus get his monthly bonus. With this thought on his mind, he sees this pop-up ad that says: “This year biggest IT conference in your city! …

If you ask any post-soviet citizen what social media they use the most, they will surely point VKontakte. This resource came up in 2006, founded by Pavel Durov. It soon became a social networking market leader in Eastern Europe. Its users can chat, listen to music, and even watch movies for free. However, there is a severe security issue: accounts are two-minutes to hack. VKontakte became a mean of getting users’ personal information by police and security agencies.

When special services broke into Pavel’s apartment in 2011, he encountered that there was no secure channel for him to contact his…

It seems like all-time great products appear from nowhere and become giants in their niche due to a good idea, creative and efficient business plan and millions of investments. I regret to disappoint you, but there are ups and downs, risks, and challenges behind every successful product. Also, there is a person who is usually titled a Product Manager or very often — a CEO. However, the titles are not important at all. …

Entrepreneurs are often full of ideas but lack money. This is what restrains them from fulfilling their dreams. I am going to give you a brief excursion through the world of investing, so you know how to meet the requirements of your potential partners.

Let me jump in the investor’s shoes and show you how I would look for the startup to fund.

A Worthy Startup Wanted

First of all, let’s face the fact that the business idea covers only 10% of your chance to pique the interest; the execution is what we need to assess. I want to be sure that my money…

In 2018, over 11 000 startups registered as a business in the UK. This is a 14% increase comparing to 2017. As technology develops, people come up with more and more innovative and fascinating ideas, but why most of them get swallowed by the market? Of those 11 000 startups, you might have heard of one, at most. Why does every company face the same issues, and how do they differentiate themselves?

So, how do you make your business idea catchy and how not to blend in?

We Are Not Like Everybody Else

The core of differentiation lies in business planning. It’s good when you can…

Dimitry Lokshyn

An Entrepreneur, who helps startups develop valuable products. Visit to find out more.

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