Daniel Loverde

Media Reflection

Of everything we studied this semester the thing that stood out to me the most was the ad unit. The ad project at the end of the year was very fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Some takeaways from media are that I’m consuming media more effectively now. Instead of aimlessly watching and taking information from one source I now seek more than one source for a news article.

Other schools should offer this course because it is very interesting to learn about. It is a very fun and a good senior class. This class is a very nice class for seniors to take because it isn’t exactly a blow off class and it isn’t a extremely difficult class. If they offer this class at other schools students may be better consumers of media in the world today.

Some perceived notions of media were that you would just watch movies and tv shows and talk about them. This isn’t all true although we did view a lot of media we also went into depth with it. Another perceived notion of this class was that you would not get homework ever. That was wrong but it wasn’t to the point where it would bury you.

I enjoyed the demographic unit a lot. Besides the paper everything else was fine. The tv shows we watched were very well picked out for us to focus on just one group of people being portrayed in the media. The shows and movies we watched were all interesting and none were very boring.

Some advice I would give to next years seniors are do the blogs and homework. Although they may be time consuming when it comes time for the demographic paper it will help you tremendously. You don’t get that much homework in this class so when you do get it do it. Also just pay attention because it’s nice to do.

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