Perspective Matters

When one thinks of news, they expect unbiased and truthful information. Sadly this is not the case. Many news outlets contain bias. Donald Trump recently criticized refugee policies in Europe during a rally in Florida. This caused the news to form different opinions. I read articles from ABC News ( and NY Times(

To start off, ABC News posted an article about Donald Trump talking about Sweden. The headline itself shows bias because the diction they used leans more towards the liberal side of the spectrum. In the title, they said Trump’s remark created “debate and confusion”. This shows that they believe trump isn’t straightforward. The title has a negative connotation towards him. The image selection shows him as above everyone else. ABC News chose a picture with his fist in the air which shows he has a lot of power over people. Like the title, the image shows a more liberal stance on the issue. Throughout the article the idea of confusion kept showing up. ABC News made it seem that Trump’s remark was so obscure that nobody could possibly figure it out. They also said new problems arose because of how the remark was worded.

The next article was from the NY Times. They also posted an article about Donald Trump’s remark regarding Sweden. This time their headline showed bias because the diction they used leaned more toward the conservative side. They said his remark “baffled a nation”. This shows that The NY Times believes that Trumps was able to reach the entire US with his simple statement. Their conservative viewpoint is also visible in their image selection. The image shows Trump as the same size as his supporters. This placement shows that he is equal with his people and is not better than anybody. This article includes more detail regarding what happened. Unlike the first article, the stacking in this article started with the problem and ended with how he tried to make it right. The first article only talks about his wrongdoings.

To sum it all up, the same news story can be told in different ways depending on the viewpoints of the writers. Bias is something that people should look out for when consuming media. It is important for people to be able to read multiple articles, pull out truthful facts, and disregard opinionated information. If any person consumes too much of one side of the spectrum, they could become ignorant and not take other views into consideration. In the ABC News article the image and the stacking of the article all have a negative view on Trump which would imply bias.

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