Smell Like a Man, Man.

Old spice, a company made by William Schultz in 1934, is a very successful company today. Old Spice is a company that sells male grooming products. In this ad we see a male standing in a bathtub posing as a lumberjack. There is also a female standing next to him with only a towel on looking amused. Middle aged men may see this picture and think that they may smell fantastic. This ad can be very effective because it may give off the impression that if you buy their product, than you will be able to get all the ladies all while smelling fantastic.

First, This ad employs some emotional appeals. For example, the arrangement of this ad is done very well. At first, the viewers eyes should go from the man to the woman and than finally down to the text. The pictures are very well placed so that it guides the viewer right to the product. The color of the ad also helps it to stick out. The red on white is very appealing to see so it is an effective way that the company can grab the attention of the people. The arrangement of the photo will help guide them to what product they might want to buy because it will make you smell a lot better. The colors of the ad are effective because they are selected to catch the eye of the audience. The psychologist that can be most closely associated with this kind of advertisement is Carl Jung. The ad tells a story that if you use this shampoo, then you will smell like a real man. A “real man job” would be a lumberjack because it requires a lot of physical force and labor to cut down a tree.

The target audience for this advertisement is 18–25 year old men. This is because they are targeting men who are still most likely single because their product can help them to get the ladies. The psychographic is working class males. Using the Old Spice shampoo may help you to smell like a man. The unique selling proposition or USP is,“smell like a man, man”. This phrase can be effective because people who think that using this shampoo may help them smell like a man. This shampoo can help them get the ladies attention because of how good they smell. This Ad shows a need for prominence. This is an example of a need for prominence because they have a need to be admired and respected. A shampoo that will make you smell like a man will also get you the respect that a normal man would get. It can be inferred from the ad that anyone who wears this product will be admired by females mostly.

To sum it all up, this ad for Old Spice can be very effective because it gives off the impression that it can help men smell really good. The shampoo can also help you to get the ladies if you use their product. This ad can potentially have a positive impact being sent through this message. Old Spice is promoting good hygiene and they may help you to smell good if they use their product.

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