8 Days in Munich


So today marks day number one in my 8 day stay in Munich, Germany. It’s a business trip, but nonetheless still a major milestone in my life as I have never left the United States until now.

48 Hours To Go

I’ll start with the rollercoaster of emotions I had leading up to this day. Yup that’s right, rollercoaster. Which is really odd for me because I’m usually able to take things in stride, but this was a big moment for me. I’ve always wanted to travel abroad. I’ve alwasy been fascinated by the history of other cultures, and the fact that this world holds 8 gazillion people with different beliefs and surroundings than the one I grew up in. Needless to say I was excited to get here,however at the same time I’m coming for work, and not just a regular work week either. The situation is a little dicey as the project has not been going so well and I’m being sent in to help out and provide best practices. Which in the consulting world means, please come fly around the globe so we can drill you with 50 million questions to which you you must have the right answer to all of them. So some nervousness there, as well as the fact that would be in a different country, which spoke a different language, and with no one I knew even remotely close by.

Travel Day

So travel day was finally here. I had my passport, my bags where packed, my itinerary finalized and I was ready to go. After paying an exorbant amount of money ( and miles) for a potential upgrade to business class I was anxious to see whether or not I would make the cut. That was a big fat no…one shy of making the list( Damn it! The real fun part will be if United actually reimburses me for that.) However I did luck out because it wasn’t a full flight to Munich so I got the entire front row to myself which made for a very pleasant 9 hours and 45 minutes.

Arrival Day

After a much better plane ride than I anticipated I finally land in Munich and…..it’s cloudy cold and rainy..lol. But other than that it’s awesome. Holy Fricking Cow! I’m in a different country! I gather my things and head of the plane ready to pick up my luggage and head to the hotel. Then I remember, I’ve got to go through customs. HA! Customs! I’m like a giant kid right now, taking it all in. As I look around and notice the signs a little bit of fear starts to creep in, because I’m seeing more Deutsch than English. Well duh I’m in Germany, but it really starts to hit home. Holy Crap!!! How am I going to get around, I don’t want to be that American prick who expects everyone to speak English because I can speak Deutsch… AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Ok so after a brief panic attack I get myself together, head to the customs booth and give the guy my passport. He asks me where I’m going how long and I’m staying, stamps my passport and away I go. Anticlimatic to say the least. Now the fun part, how the hell to I get to my hotel. One word ladies and gents, Uber. I hit up the app and scheudle for a car to pick me up, and the whole time I’m praying .. “Please Lord, let this guy just speak a little English”. Turns out he did, and the Uber pick up was a success. The ride to the hotel was about 4o minutes so we hop on the highway. Yup that’s right it’s Autobahn time, which means what, No Speed Limit. Even though I wasn’t driving it was still pretty cool going 100 mph.

I arrive at the hotel safe and sound, however it’s still only 11am so the room are not ready. I leave my belongings at the hotel and head to the City Center using the rail system. Luckily the ticket machines had options for english and a map is a map is a map in any country..lol. So I make my way to the city and when I come up the stairs it’s like a Christmas explosion! People everywhere, lights, shops, vendors, pretty awesome. So I had a couple of hours to kill so I walked around and took it all in. After surviving the cold, and my first mini-adventure in Germany I decided to call it a day and return back to the hotel. All in all not a bad first day.