Renaissance Man

When I was a kid I ran across the definition of a Renaissance man. Someone who excelled in a variety of disciplines in a single lifetime. Even as an 8 year old kid that struck a chord with me. Why limit yourself to studying just one thing in life? This world is so full of wonders just waiting to be discovered by those if us that dare to look for them. Most of the world’s greatest thinkers, inventors, philosophers, etc all had skills or trades that crossed disciplines. A single human life can have multiple stages of enlightenment and adventure if we only open ourselves to the possibility. When did we decide that you had to pick one and only one? When did we decide that your life is set on a path that cannot be changed or altered and condemn those that dare to venture off? Maybe this is my version of a mid life crisis but as I start to look back on my life and what I’ve accomplished so far I can’t help but think what’s next? I still have some big things I want to do in my current industry but I’ve got my eyes on other things and maybe it’s time to start listening to that inner voice that says why not, and ignore the public one that says why?

-Published via the Medium app on my train ride home. There maybe typos and grammatical errors but I’m not a writer…. yet

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