Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

I feel sorry for you and all the liberals who share your sentiment. It’s a very hate and spite filled point of view that shows how twisted the left has become in their attempt to guilt the world into believing in their ideals and perspective on reality. If the left would let it, racism would die. If the left would let it, the middle class could rebuild. This idea of income equality will never exist in a freedom driven society, it could only ever exist in a socialist or communist society and in order for a society to achieve that goal, exceptionalism must die, government must have ALL of the control and the people must relinquish all freedom. Poverty would become the income equalizer because everyone would only get what the government would allow them to have.

I keep hoping the left would learn from the recent election, but instead they continue to insist that the “rest of the country” are filled with morons, hateful bigots, racists, xenophobes and any other extreme adjectives they can conjure up to create a narrative that sounds as terrible and negative as they can possibly make it. It’s a sad, sad thing. Please stop spreading hate, racism, poverty and violence. Let us on the right teach people how to fish and stop giving them fish while teaching them nothing. You are destroying our country in a misguided attempt to save it.

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