You can argue all you want that the Founding Fathers wanted us to be free to tan ourselves to melanoma-town, but I would argue that the “freedom” to make uninformed choices in an environment where unregulated industry has a bottomless well of money with which to persuade public opinion is no kind of freedom at all.
The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

The real issue here is who do we trust. Your argument asserts that corporations are never to be trusted and people are never to trust their own intelligence. The only entity to be trusted is the government, because we all know that only upstanding individuals are employed by the government and it would never take lobbyist money to pass legislation that is not in the peoples best interest.

The truth is, the government is a corporation too, and it, just like individuals, are looking out for its best interest. When an entity is making choices for its own interest someone else is going to lose. In the case of government, one law may save some, but imprison others. It may tax an industry out of business while supplying welfare to someone who’s working the system and living well off the government aid.

At the end of the day, the individual is the only person who can decide for themselves if something is right for them (Ironically, this is a fundamental tenant of the left and right they just don’t usually see it.) When you empower the government to force a right or wrong, you remove the power from the individual and that is only proper in some cases. I would prefer to see people left to make their own choices because I don’t believe the government is equipped to make those choices for me, it will make them for it’s own interest which may be counter to what’s best for me.

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