Looking Back: MOBI’s First European Colloquium

Held at the BMW Group IT Center in Munich, Germany

That’s a wrap! Last week, MOBI community members congregated in Munich to attend the first European MOBI Colloquium. There, the MOBI team provided updates on key working groups, announced the winners of Stage One of the MOBI Grand Challenge (MGC), spoke on the future direction of MOBI and the MGC, and more. The BMW Group gave attendees an inside look into the blockchain and distributed ledger use cases they are focusing on.

Day 1 Recap

The day kick started with an introduction from Marco Görgmaier, Head of Strategic Planning and Innovation at BMW Group IT — providing a look into the type of research and implementation BMW has been conducting around blockchain technology. MOBI CEO and Founder, Chris Ballinger followed up with a recap of the past, present, and future of MOBI.

Left to Right: Bhaskar Krishnamachari from University of Southern California, Mike Hearn from R3, Trent McConaghy from Ocean Protocol, Arthur Breitman from Tezos, Andre Luckow from BMW Group

The highlights from the day included a panel of distinguished industry pioneers (above) speaking on Stage One of the MOBI Grand Challenge. Panelists ranged from Mike Hearn, Lead Platform Engineer at R3 and one of the world’s first developers of software for the bitcoin, to Andre Luckow, the Head of Blockchain The BMW Group. The panel broke down the gaps and challenges they observed in the challenge either as a judge, entrant, or bystander.

MOBI’s Chief Creative Officer, Tram Vo, presented on Citopia — the overarching idea for the next leg of the MOBI Grand Challenge. According to the United Nations, 50% of the world lives in urban areas and this number is projected to reach 70% by 2050. Citopia focuses on the human aspect of mobility and looks to create incentives to make mobility safer, greener, and make our cities more livable. Stay tuned for updates on the next leg of the MGC!

A large part of the day was devoted to the working groups, a number of which are scheduled to be introduced in this upcoming quarter. MOBI is excited to establish the following working groups:

Autonomous Vehicle Data Exchange. This working group will be exploring use cases surrounding the right policies to ensure the safety of data generated by autonomous vehicles.

Electronic Vehicle to Grid Integration. This working group will assess the potential value proposition of blockchain and logistics for use cases such as peer-to-peer smart contracts, tokenized carbon credits, vehicle-to-grid energy storage, and others.

Supply Chain. This working group will look at challenges in the automotive supply around inbound parts, outbound vehicles and others that can be solved with blockchain.

Day 2 Recap

On the second event day, leadership from BMW Group told us about how blockchain and DLT is already a huge disruptor in their ecosystem and the ways in which it will continue to develop. Following a few more talks from knowledgeable community member leaders, prizes for the MOBI Grand Challenge were awarded.

After four months of coding, creating, and collaborating, the first stage of the MOBI Grand Challenge ended with the winners reveal on the second day of the MOBI Colloquium. 23 teams across 15 countries competed to create blockchain or distributed ledger related solution to address mobility issues affecting today’s world and in the end, five emerged as top prize and/or category winners.

First PrizeChorus Mobility for Decentralized Road Space Negotiation and Payments for Routes and Rights of Way by Autonomous Vehicles

“Chorus Mobility is proud and honored to place first in the MOBI Grand Challenge Hackathon. We see this success as a confirmation of the validity of our Vision to Solve Traffic with Blockchain and Autonomous Vehicles Software,” said William Vorobev, CEO and Founder of Chorus Mobility. “We deeply share MOBI’s ideas on the future of mobility and continue working hard on our joint mission to improve traffic safety, decrease the number of congestions and lower the cost of mobility by utilizing the latest breakthroughs in distributed ledgers and consensus protocols.”

Second Prize and Category Prize for Most ImpactfulOaken Innovations for Vento: Automotive Commerce

“Oaken Innovations and our industry partner Brisa are beyond excited to be participating in the MOBI Grand Challenge. It is wonderful to see the collective entries bring Mike Hearn’s original vision, and MOBI’s mission, to life. Brisa, an international transportation company headquartered in Lisbon, and Oaken are happy to present a slice of this vision with our contribution: Vento — an Ethereum, Quorum based Automotive Commerce application for automobile and consumer payments,” said John Gerryts, Co-Founder & CEO, Oaken Innovations.

Third Prize — Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab for Semi-Autonomous Truck Platooning

Third Prize and Category Prize for Best Technical NuCypher and NICS Lab for OBDX — Vehicle Onboard Diagnostics Data Exchange

Category Prize for Most Impactful and Most CreativeNoblis for Pieces of Eight (Po8)

Public Vote Winner XYO for XYO Network

Notable speakers included Michael Reuter CEO and Co-Founder of Datarella, Bruce Pon Founder of Ocean Protocol, Jamie Burke CEO of Outlier Ventures, Arthur Breitman CEO and Co-Founder of Tezos, Mike Hearn Lead Platform Engineer at R3, Dr. Gilbert Fridgen from the Fraunhofer Blockchain Lab.

Left to Right: Mike Hearn, Arthur Breitman, Jamie Burke

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible, including the attendees, speakers, organizers, sponsors, MGC entrants, and of course, our generous host, The BMW Group.

MOBI & BMW Staff in Munich

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