shooting Mountain Commando Sniper

In this game the key feature, which makes this elite commando game unique is the availability of modern weaponry. In this elite commando game the modern weaponry includes modern machine guns and modern sniper guns. There is reason of providing you a modern sniper gun shooting games with mission new 2016 real new version and modern machine guns.

The reason of providing you modern commando snipers and other modern guns is that your enemy in this elite commando game is very smart and is ready for war. In this long sniper shot games man goes to one place to another and pick the other men guns

Your enemy in this elite commando game is supported with secret agencies, the only way to eliminate your sniper enemy is by using modern weaponry, modern gunship sniper with latest technology guns aside from the weapons your strategy can cheat your enemy. So go out against your enemy with weapons & best mission technique.

In this thieves vs snipers you are given a modern commando sniper gun so you can shoot from the right distance, by using long range sniper gun you can kill your enemies without getting in the range of your enemies. With the help of this gun your chances of success for this army mission are greater, so don’t get worry about the power of enemies.


Be the part of army counter force & save your nation by fighting against enemies. If you want of be the part of army force then download army force game and be a commando sniper strike. You enemy have become the biggest threat of nation, and now is the time to teach them lesson with stick, you army force is going to begin the operation against these militants. In this special army force game your enemies are these militants, who are threat to the peace of this mission. In this special army force game the army force would be assisted by commando strike.

With one commando strike force these militants will start begging their life. You are also the part of this commando strike operation. This commando strike force is quite challenging and shooting game. Actually in this commando strike force 3d game you all alone would fight against these militants.

You are highly trained sniper ultimate assassin and you can do this all alone, so take your sniper and start eliminating these militants from your area. Though this gun suter mission army is quite tough but with proper planning and proper use of weaponry can leads you toward the success.

Mountain Commando Sniper

This is Mountain Commando Sniper shooting & killing game; actually this commando sniper killing is a sniper based game & is a shooting spree game. In this commando duty game you are free in killing; you can kill zombies as much as you can as or catchers with a sniper gun. You are in the enemy territory where there are only enemies everywhere.

The good news in this commando sniper games there are many guns,weapons in this game, 
In this commando army new action modern gun games you are the part of commando force & Sniper team, the commando force assign you a duty, your main aim is to find & shoot all zombies and militants wandering your city with your gun. You are well known for your commando war sniper , you accomplish your commando war duty in a good manner. This mountain sniper war game is actually an opportunity of killing spree for youthful energetic youngsters.

In this modern army game you are provide with modern machine guns and all kind of Russian and American sniper guns. Commando mission in helicopter take your sniper guns and find your target enemy and kill them on the sport.