Online Video Is Great

After being exposed to many negative opinions about online video I decided to react by writing this. I feel that some of these opinions come from a place of bias and are developed without having a firsthand experience. We tend to be wary of things that we aren’t familiar with and to each their own, but this shouldn’t be a reason to discredit them. We’ve seen the NY Post say that “YouTube idiots are destroying culture” and Jimmy Kimmel make fun (on a comedy show) of Youtube Gaming. Both of these obviously received a ton of negative backlash from fans trying to defend the entertainers that they care about and I hope this doesn’t give online video a bad reputation. I recommend this great video from The Game Theorists that breaks this whole situation down.

Online video exposes people to cultures and information in an interactive manner that opens conversation allowing people to learn about things that they probably wouldn’t see in their day to day life. Hank Green does a much better job of explaining this on his “Is YouTube Good for Humanity?” video.

Here is a list of some of my favorites (this list would be too long if I shared all):

1. Vlogbrothers — Brothers John and Hank Green trying to reduce the amount of “world suck”.

2. Vsauce — Answers to curious questions about our world.

3. Casey Neistat — Awesome Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, and Youtuber.

4. Crash Course — Educational channel with a wide range of courses.

5. In a Nutshell — Kurzgesagt— Videos explaining things like space and time through beautiful animations.

6. Disney Shorts — Great animated and live action cartoons and short films.

7. Every Frame a Painting — Fantastic channel dedicated to the analysis of film form.

8. SourceFed & SourceFed Nerd— They cover the news… sort of. Deliver nerd stories and more.

9. The Game Theorists & The Film Theorists — Overanalyzing video games, movies, and TV.

10. The Fine Bros — Channel with great series such as Elders React, Adults React, Youtubers React, and Teens React.

Here is a great list of YouTube channels that will make you smarter from

If you have any favorites that are not in these lists feel free to share them with me. Let’s spread good content.

Kathleen Reyes, Orlando Colon, and I talked about this topic and many others on episode 8 of our podcast Us Can Do It. Feel free to give us a listen and let us know your thoughts.