Top 4 Common Misconceptions Regarding Cell Phone Repair

Most cell phone users experience malfunctioning of their device after some years of using the same. While many contact a phone repair service, there are others who choose to fix the problem themselves by buying cell phone repair parts from a wholesaler.There is also a section of people that experience anxiety and this is because of some misconceptions regarding cell phone repair. Following are the top 4 misconceptions regarding the same.

It will cost a bomb

According to the statistics of Wirefly, a popular online retailer, an average cell phone user purchase a new phone after every 18–20 months. Apart from living in a gadget-driven world, one of the reasons is also the misconception that repairing a phone will ultimately prove costly and therefore it makes sense to get a new phone instead. It is not surprising that each year millions of cell phones end up in the trash.

3rd party repair will void the warranty

In most cases, when a cell phone user experiences the problem of a broken screen or a dead battery, it is often after the warranty period is over. So, there is no question of a void warranty if he or she seeks a third party repair. Because of this misconception, people ensure to contact the phone manufacturing company to get their phone repaired.

Impossible to fix the phone

Nothing is impossible in this world, but there is a belief among cell phone users that since their phone has a cracked screen, a malfunctioned speaker or a camera that is taking blurry photographs, the problem is beyond any cure. No one can fix the issue even if they spend enough money. So, there is no point in investing time and energy behind the same.

Certified technicians are the best

There are many DIY tutorials over the web that state the instructions to follow for repairing a malfunctioned cell phone. However, there is no dearth of people who still believe that only certified technicians have the skill set to repair their cell phone. Others are simply not skilled enough to fix a cell phone issue, even if it only involves replacing a camera or an audio dock adapter.

The truth is in a sharp contrast with the misconceptions as it is possible to repair most cell phones by using a professional repair service or by following the instructions of the available DIY tutorials. There are wholesalers from where one can easily buy the needed repair parts.