Factor Causing Different Liver Diseases

Liver diseases are unrecognizable at the initial stage. Don’t ignore your minor symptoms and consult a doctor before it cost you a Liver Transplant.

What is a Liver Diseases?

The liver is the biggest and one of the crucial organ of a human body. The liver is the MD of a body who keeps an eye over every other organ. In a broader sense, all the potential disorder or problems that can lead to liver failure is known as Liver Disease.

As Liver is a crucial organ, it must be given proper care and required liver treatment, but most of the times unknowingly we harm it continuously which in some cases results in some fatal liver diseases. There are various reasons or factor that can affect your liver and make it prone to several liver problems. The various factors responsible for several liver diseases are mentioned below:

Disease caused by Viruses: There are commonly 3 to 4 liver diseases that are caused due to virus insertion.

  • Hepatitis A: It is the most common and infectious disease. It spreads easily from person to person like the other viruses. It is mainly caused by contaminated food and water.
  • Hepatitis B: It is affected by the exposure to infected blood or any other DNA contacts, Intercourse and so forth.
  • Hepatitis C: It is one of a fatal liver diseases which spread through blood to blood contact, unsafe intercourse, and contaminated syringe or shaving blades.
  • Hepatitis D: This virus affects those who are already affected by Hepatitis B.

Disease caused by consumption of alcohol: An alcoholic-related liver disease (ARLD) is a condition of a person’s liver which gets damaged due to high alcohol consumption over a long period of time. In other words, the heavy drinkers are prone to such diseases.

  • Here, the liver is stored with fatty acid which is also the first stage of ARLD. Though it is treatable by just stopping consumption of alcohol for 2 weeks and your liver will become back to normal state.
  • The second stage is called alcoholic hepatitis which is caused due to huge intake alcohol within a small period of time and so forth. Even this stage is treatable if you stop drinking alcohol permanently.
  • This is the last stage of ARLD, this condition is irreversible in nature and can’t be cured even after leaving alcohol permanently but if stopped immediately it can stop the further damage of the liver.

Liver Diseases caused due to genetic disorder: There is a number of diseases that can be inherited from gene but the most common inherited liver disease is said to be the Haemochromatosis. Under this condition excess amount of iron is absorbed from food and deposited then collected in the liver and other organs. People affected with Haemochromatosis might also show signs of Diabetes, liver cancer and so on.

Cirrhosis: It is usually the last stage of every liver-related diseases where the liver becomes irreversible such as liver cancer. At this stage, a surgery called Liver transplant is carried out by the experts. Causes for the same would be- high intake of alcohol, high level of fat and cholesterol stored in the liver, bad appetite and so forth.

After reading the above liver-related disease you might have come across with various doubts and queries? Well, Don’t Worry! A reliable liver treatment often fixes all issues of the liver, if sought on time.