Treatments for Different Degrees of Burn

Different degrees of burns require different treatment and when it damages to the extreme level, it may also require a Cosmetic Surgery.

Accidents are like the unwanted guest that come without intimating but we are smart enough to handle them right? Not just that most women become the burn victim during cooking, sometimes children and men as well come in its clutch. It may be from the lightest sun burns to severe deep burn, their treatments have been discovered. In severe cases, it involve getting a cosmetic surgery.

So, the different type of burn with their treatments are mentioned below:

First-Degree Burn

The First-degree burn only affects the thinnest crust or outer layer of the skin without causing so much damage. The burn area will turn red, painful, may or may not be dry and untouchable. Just like a sun burn.

What are their remedies?

Well, they are light burn so remedies for the same would be:

  1. Cold Water: Soak the burn area in regular water or cold warm water (not ice water) for 10 to 15 minutes. It will reduce the burn sensation providing relief.
  2. Mint Toothpaste: As being used by every mother in their household, it soothes the affected area immediately with its contact because of the menthol present in it.
  3. Lemon and coconut oil: The antibacterial and antioxidant element of coconut oil not only heals but also guards the burn area and the acidic properties of lemon help to lighten the dark area.
  4. Milk or Protein: If you don’t have anything but milk, it won’t be bad for applying it over your burn area. The protein present in the milk help to soothe and heal.
  5. Oats or Oat meal: Oat meal is proven to reduce the inflammation incidence. Make a paste of it and apply.
  6. Yogurt: Yogurt can also be applied on the burn area. It’s cooling agent will provide immense relief to the sufferer.

Second Degree Burn

Second Degree burn can cause due to flames, chemicals, the skin comes in contact with heat objects etc. It damages the epidermis and few parts of dermis layer. The burn area appears painful, deep red, swollen and blistered.

What are their remedies?

  1. Wash it carefully with normal or light cold water.
  2. If you see scalds around the burn, do not poke it and make sure it doesn’t come with any harsh contacts.
  3. Antibiotic ointments
  4. You can apply coconut oil with a bit of tea tree oil to your burn, if after the scales is dried up or defused.
  5. You can also apply essential lavender oil, olive oil(not cooking) or Aloe Vera
  6. Banana peel; just places it over the burn until it turns black. It effectively heals the burn.
  7. Or if you are afraid and unaware, visit a doctor.

Third Degree Burns

It destroys the epidermis and all parts of the dermis and may reach the subcutaneous tissues. These are usually the harsh cases that cannot be treated at home. It is recommended to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Fourth Degree Burns

These are the extreme level burns cases where the skin layer, bones, muscles, nerve all get destroyed. This may happen due to immense flame, chemicals or electricity. This cases can only be solved by the expertise and through surgeries. Surgery such as cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery is meant to recreate the deform structures.