Happy eating or Healthy Eating? How hygienic streets puchkas are really?

Falling for the pocket-friendly, street side puchkas again. Before goobling, just ask yourself how hygienic streets puchkas are really?

Indian street food can be said as the most authentic food to the Indians. The populations in urban areas depend more on this street food. However, due to such dependence, people became more habituated to gulp down, even the unhealthy cuisines which actually affects their health in a long term. People, mainly youngsters tend to gobble such street foods on daily basis. No matter how enjoyable it feels to fill the stomach with it, its goodness does not stays intact after that.

Puchka is one of the most favorite street cuisines in Kolkata. In every street, lane, railway stations and market area, you can find at least 2–3 vendors selling puchkas. Although the competition seems tough, the number of customers is overwhelming as well. It is a quite cheaper option for snacks afterall.

However, now its for a reality check. While your taste buds seem to enjoy the taste, your stomach is paying the actual price.
The basic idea behind Puchkalicious has been generated from this thought only. We, here at Puchkalicious want to serve you the most popular street food in Bengal ‘Puchka’ in the most hygienic way. So that, along with the tangy tastes of diversified platters, you get a health benefit too

We prepare all our dishes with proper hyigiene and use only the best quality spices and ingredients. At Puchkalicious, you can get your dish which has been prepared following all the food safety and standards. For an example, when you go to the local Puchka stall, you find the vendor preparing the potato mashed without maintaining proper cleanliness. Not only that, you would be shocked if you get to know about the source of water, they use to prepare tamarind juice. In case if you ask them, they might give you the reason that the price of their Puchkas is comparatively low. This is true! However, would you want to compromise your health in order to save a few bucks?

Certainly not! Although it is not always possible to maintain all health guidelines for a food parlor, still we feel proud to share that Puchkalicious has been serving people with the utmost care. Thus, we have been accredidated by FSSAI as well. We also ensure the quality of our packaging and the containers utilized to deliver and store. We value your taste buds as well as we care for your stomach. Recently, our online food partner ‘Zomato’ along with Equinox Labs conducted a food audit and certified us with ‘Excellent’ food hygiene rate. It is quite a proud achievement to receive and also encourages us to serve you better and healthier.

Hence, we suggest you think twice before taking your favorite puchka in. Does it assure its level of hygiene? More than the convenience, you get at the local street food stall, your health should be your priority. Think wisely and prioritize your health first.