Bodega Pizza Unites Community in Washington Heights

Bodega Pizza is about bringing together the community with something all New Yorkers love, pizza. It is the latest business endeavor of Jose Morales, whose previous businesses, like Apt. 78, have given him a somewhat legendary standing in the area.

“Who doesn’t love pizza?” says Morales. His business idea comes from the memory of what a bodega meant to him growing up: a sense of family and connection.

A day exploring Bodega Pizza included plenty of great food and some unexpected surprises.

Morales tries to strike a balance between being a developer in an area that struggles with gentrification and keeping a sense of what the “good old days” were like before all the big businesses started moving in.

Outside Bodega Pizza between Broadway and Fairview Ave next to the patio. (The patio is closed in the morning).
(left) One of the chef’s dough-tossing skills are on point. (right) Bodega Pizza is known for its extra-thin crust and fresh toppings.

Early afternoon, however, brings an unexpected turn of affairs.

The police soon apprehend the suspect. According to NYPD data, Washington Heights has a lower crime rate than many of the surrounding Manhattan neighborhoods, and the incident attracts a lot of attention in the relatively safe neighborhood.

Things settle down pretty quickly once the police cars drive off. By late afternoon, it’s business as usual again.

Hansen food goes live #cjs17food

A day at Bodega Pizza is a day exploring the traditions of Washington Heights as well as a foretaste of what the future may hold.


One New York foodie we didn’t see at Bodega Pizza…

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