Public Relations is the best Branding tool for Startups

Marketing is the need of every company, be it a startup or the seasoned one, yet most still ignore the fact that Public Relations (PR) is the essence of the marketing mix and needs to be done on a priority basis. Public relation used as a tool of gathering news stories is the most powerful way of creating a positive image of a company in the market. Now let’s discuss how PR services outshine all other marketing tools and are referred as the best branding tool for startups.

In today’s digital world, it’s necessary to have good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rank in order to get noticed by the target audience in this overly crowded digital environment. And, to get good ranks in the SEO chart sheets, the search engine demands authentic content and authoritative back links. This is when PR comes handy; it’s the duty of PR professionals to get news coverage in publications and online news websites. These coverages hold in the startup website’s link with them. The more the coverage’s, more are the number of authoritative back links as what goes in publication also gets posted online in the form of e-papers.

An advertisement is a paid form of reaching and attracting a consumer base while on the other hand, Public Relations (PR) is a free form of marketing tool which is designed to be a part of the news section. We can say that the former is designed to sell the story while the latter is designed to tell the story. Advertising reaches specific target audiences whereas, public relations depending on the company’s size and media contacts can get the company news coverage in big publications, local business journals and trade magazines that usually has a wider audience. So in simple words, advertising is expensive and a less effective mode of branding as compared to public relations as the latter by coming up in the news section makes an instant and long-lasting impact on the audience mind which an advertisement mostly lacks to do at one go. The news coverage not just focuses on the company’s particular products or services rather improvise the image of the company as a whole. A good PR campaign done by a reputed PR company, by doing your third-party endorsement familiarizes the people with your company and establishes trust.

Now that it is clear how Public Relations tools are helping in SEO and are more powerful than advertising in branding, it is important to understand that getting news coverage is not guaranteed unless and until you hire a good PR Agency for your company. Branding is an important part of the business promotion and only an experienced team of PR professionals are able to handle this feat. So, make it a point to do a good and rich research and then hire the best suited PR Agency for your organization.