Unwritten Rules for Every PR Professional Working in PR Firms in Delhi

Having been in the industry for quite a long time, nearly half of PR consultants in Delhi admit the fact that skillful in preparing content does not mean you are competitive at targeting it. True that we can be just brilliant in writing content, but targeting it to the right audience using the right channels is just too much to boast for. All those working in PR companies in India are maestros in networking and persuasion. They are quite good observers also who easily understand the body language of their counterparts and accordingly deal with them. For example, they know when a client is sitting in a relaxed posture, he might not be very worried or very much into the business proposal. PR agencies in Delhi enjoy a widespread network of media journalists and clients. So when they know what favor they need, they persuasively seek it from the concerned person.

But for all those who have just kick-started their careers as PR professionals, the handy-dandy list of some tips and advice below should be of good use.

1. Understand your role in the company

Working in one of the PR agencies in Delhi, you never get the authority to sign a letter or media invite. It’s only the CEO or the president of your organization who can sign such official documents. Therefore, always be humble during the meetings with clients, and seek your senior’s approval before taking any step of importance.

2. Turn the light of intellect on

Thumb rule of an easy survival in communication industry — bring your brain to work and use your networks. Be it PR companies in Delhi or the individuals offering PR management services in Delhi, there lies a great potential within them to alter an organization’s public image for good and bad. All this depends on the extent of power and knowledge of the people doing PR. It’s just that you should know when to use what and how.

3. Converse with people

The job of a PR professional is to open the doors for the organizations to reach their target people, to allow them to speak with them, and guiding them the way to understand them. And for this, you should give equal attention to making phone calls to the right people as you do to copywriting and content. The more you’ll be able to understand them on calls and meetings, the better you will be able to create content for them.

4. Mind your approach

Diplomacy and politics exist everywhere, and so must be in your organization. It does not mean you also have to be a part of the herd. You should always stick to the institutionalized office protocols and professional ethics at work. One wrong word for addressing potential clients or approach for taking the deal can prove to be vulnerable to your career. Therefore, try to always control your mouth and mind your approach.