Your Resistance Brain Stops You From Being Awesome (And How to Fight Back)
Thomas Oppong

You are not fighting darkness by taking action but allowing the light to come in. The light is self-awareness. There’s pervasive belief regarding taking action and we speak so much about taking action, action, action if the action would be the cure or that magic pill to get what we desire. And this is not true, because no matter how much action you would take, you will not be able to control all circumstances, and waste too much energy on this, — there’s more easy way to achieve that — first to adjust inner self, reflect on your way of thinking, and then take inspired action with joy, I say inspired, which then will not stem from our fears or anxieties not to have what we want. Doors will open, right people will appear even without big action.

“Your physical manifestations reflect your state of being, not vice versa. And every physical manifestation in your life today is merely the result of your previous states of being.

Classical physics is the science from the first scientific revolution, the science of Sir Isaac Newton. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every movement has a cause. Every action is determined by something else exerting itself upon the thing that acted. The determinism paradigm creates a fish tank where action is the most important thing we can do if we want anything to change. Action becomes the only force for causing a desired response. And, if we are experiencing unwanted results, we always identify one of two things: Either we find the action we should be taking to get the desired results and then start doing it, or we find the action we shouldn’t be taking which is keeping the desired results from materializing and then stop doing it. This paradigm has us looking at everything in the universe as needing our physical intervention if we want different results than we’re experiencing” — Greg Kuhn