The Democrats Gave Us Trump — Don’t Listen When They Blame the Left
David Lessem

Great piece. I don’t know if the same is happening in the US, but the mainstream media from the other side of the Atlantic is using one if its favourite weapons: blaming the working class.

Blaming the left and blaming the working class are tactics of the same strategy. The narrative wants us to believe that things haven’t changed since the bourgeois revolutions in the late XVIIIth century. That is, that the progressive elements of society are obviously the liberal middle classes fighting for liberties and freedom, and against bigotry and discrimination. According to that narrative, the working class is a mindless, spineless mass that ungratefully throws itself in the arms of conservatism and turns its back on the promises of liberal capitalism.

There is no need to patronise anyone. Everybody is responsible for their vote and its consequences. But pretending that Clinton and the right wing of an already centrist party were the ultimate solution to the systems’ problems is simply absurd. But there is a bit of truth in all that: it is true that the working class is the strongest obstacle to the system. Clinton didn’t get the vote of the working class, but not because the working class is stupid as they want us to believe; au contraire. The working class is sick and tired of being tricked by the same alliance of politicians and bosses, an alliance that will never tell us how damaging for workers their political and economic programmes are. An alliance that will extract up to the last cent in profit from the mass of voters/employees, and at the same time cut loose all safety networks that once existed. This is the same old fight and the enemies haven’t changed -they just got a new leader, that’s all.

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