dmail Sneak Peak — A First Look at the Service

Apr 2 · 3 min read

We noticed a major problem in crypto in general, where most people are skipping email and other identifiable logins, and just logging in with their wallets.

Since EOS has really nice wallet account names, I figured we could use those as an email address instead.

People are creating millions of dollars in transactions in crypto… exchanges, gaming, and consuming all kinds of services simply by logging in with their wallet. It’s a new trend that is bypassing email altogether.

Most of these companies have an identifiable and trustable wallet address that you can easily see and confirm on the blockchain, smart contracts that operate the site are also tied to an address, so it only makes sense to send an email directly to that address.

If you receive an email from the wallet, you can see about it on the blockchain. This leaves no confusion about who you are dealing with, their transactions, how they interact with your business or service. Email can’t do this.

In the “traditional” internet, all of these actions would come along with an email for your records, or as a notification system that something meaningful happened there. Think Facebook, Instacart, Twitter. Email and what email does doesn’t exist on the “new internet” or in a web3 context. Not until *dmail*.

This is a great opportunity to mostly bypass email and get something that could be better.

Don’t underestimate email and its core functions. Some people speculate that email captured 100s of trillions (yes trillions) of dollars of value on the internet. Think of a serious business that doesn’t use email a lot to make their businesses run. It’s not easy.

Because we are using tokens to sign, spammers will be hindered from scamming you or sending meaningless messages. Those who want to send a ton of messages will have to buy the tokens which will ensure this new approach to email will be *much less* spammy.

Here are some ugly truths about email spam. 100s of billions of emails are sent each day and about 88% or more are spam. Companies and individuals lose about 20+ billion per year due to spam, it’s also a major waste of human energy, something that bothers the fuck out of me.

We will be signing email messages with MAIL tokens. There will be a beta airdrop, and most people using dMail won’t ever have to buy the tokens. When you send email on dmail, your token is then in your friend’s wallet and that allows them to reuse it to send a message.

A core goal for us is to make sure email is accessible and basically free for meaningful actors in the system. Advertisers and spammers can either GTFO or pay us for our attention.

We will try this out on EOS first and then we will move to every other blockchain in the world… forks, sister chains, even spoons if you’re in the mood for that kind of thing. Ethereum has a lot of nice use cases and we are excited about that too. We should be able to interoperate with messaging across all chains.

Will it work with traditional email? Yes, it will, in a future version. For now we want it to work in beta with hard core EOS users and businesses that need to communicate with their users.

dmail will first and foremost be about loyal EOS users and dApps.

We are about to launch into beta and looking for loyal EOS homies to help out with testing and giving great feedback. We have a very solid team but we want to add more troops to our crypto army, let us know if you want to work with us.

Any retweets or comments here we will follow up with to make sure you get into the beta, and also get a fat stack of MAIL tokens that will allow you to send A LOT of email with.


Kurt Braget, and the entire dmail Team!

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Email on the New Internet

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