The abode to diverse scenic beauties- New Ireland.

“ A mother with her two kids on a dug-out canoe at a nearby Tigak Is.”-Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.

I was fortunate to visit some of the beautiful places I’d never imagined would exist.

In February, I was at Kavieng for my Sem-break holiday. I couldn’t regret a thing about it. It was pretty amazing!

Why is it amazing? Well, I can simply say this, “there’s more to New Ireland than one can possibly say.”

I’ve been to New Ireland before, but from my past visits, I had only lived and travelled on the mainland and that had made me thought I have seen enough of the place until my last trip, when I visited 16 of the nearby Tigak Islands at Kavieng.

To be edited + continued………
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