From startup to series A

Having recently run a few talks on how we used Facebook to scale revenue at Lost My Name it was interesting to see a recorded session of one of them. Interesting in the 'damn is that how I sound?' way and in being able to share with others. You can view the recording here or alternatively view the plain slides here.

In a nutshell:

  • We did PR, word of mouth and blogger outreach well at the outset.
  • We found our first growth lever through partnering with Not On The High Street.
  • After sucking at Facebook ads and paid marketing for 6 months we finally cracked it and scaled the [joyous curse word] out of it.
  • After scaling in Q1 2015 we got burned and had to scale down, fix and scale up.
  • We sold our 1 millionth book ever last week and hit record daily and monthly spend on Facebook ads in November 2015.
  • Made lots of learnings on Facebook ads and Growth

Ultimately through this growth we learned a tonne along the way, including the pain points of not scaling resources quickly enough and then of scaling too fast without due process and procedure. However the big takeaway is focussing on the things that will make the difference and shift the needle short-term AND managing expectations of a company growing at a phenomenal rate.

Onwards and upwards.