The Pale Giants

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“Honey? a voice echoed from down the hall, what are you doing? We should have left by now” Jhins wife said in a concerned voice.

“I’m writing my thoughts down to try to help calm t he nerves” Jhin tried to respond reassuring, but the words came out more stressed than anything else.

“Okay well hurry up, me and your son is waiting.“ she said more naggingly although still equally worried .

“I will, this will only take a minute” Jhin said more reassuringly than last time

It’s only been a week since the extraterrestrials sent there first message to us. They wanted to make sure it reached everyone so they turned every screen, monitor, and television to an audio of one of them speaking the same message over and over again. Now we have no idea how they did it and throughout the day while technicians, scientists, and governments alike were scrambling to find out where this signal origin was. Although the strange thing was that they were speaking our languages too. This tipped us off at the fact that they have been watching and studying us for some time now and that this wasn’t some first contact kind of message. As a result to this newfound information governments everywhere went into full alert. Internationally nuclear missiles were armed, ready to go at the push of a button, entire fleets were mobilized, anti aircraft missiles were pointed towards space, unconventional weapons were also deployed, and people everywhere went into hiding. Nothing but an eerie silence filled the air with its heavy sense of dread it carried with it. Some thought this as an antebellum and that we were doomed. Well you see the thing is after a couple days most people dismissed the whole thing was an elaborate ruse. It seemed logical to us at the time because it would explain why the why they spoke our language but it was rather premature we soon found out. This idea though, was shattered the following day as the beings came roaring down in there interstellar spacecrafts. We thought this was it, that they were going to annihilate us like the movies said. Long story short they didn’t as i’m sure you can tell as i’m alive to write this. Now I feel obliged to at least talk about what they looked like and dear God are they terrifying. With their pale almost translucent skin, small tufts of fur on their heads and, the strange appendages that stuck out in the middle and sides of their face. The worst part was was there eyes. They seemed so agile, darting around from side to side scanning everything. But the part that truly made me fear it was when you locked sights with them. It was like having a spear being thrust through your soul. You could see the malicious intent in them. We would eventually come to name these beings as the pale giants for they towered over us in height and could likely snap of us in half if they tried, but I didn't like to think about it. I’m ending this letter now as I dont have much time. I’m leaving with my family for the woods so don’t try to find me. Oh and one last thing, while i’m certain sure you heard the message like everyone else I want to make sure you’re aware of it incase you happened to be living under a rock when the world went to hell. The message went “Hello, we come from planet Earth, we come in peace, please do not panic”

The Pale Giants Pt. 2

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“BREACH TO THE LEFT BROADSIDE HULL IN SECTOR 4 DAMAGE CRITICAL” Jacobs display was going wild. He had rushed to the sight were after looking through the porthole he saw a gash in the side of the ship siphoning all the air into the unforgiving vacuum of space along with the crewmates inside.

And at that moment his display read “TRAINING FAILED. ESTIMATED CASUALTIES: 23” Jacob took off his VR suit to reveal a tall and well built young man about 22 years in age with blonde hair and green eyes. Hesitantly he receded from the training chamber and braced himself for the worse. Several of his Officers were waiting for him outside and they looked more than displeased. After a barrage of insults and complaints Jacob was ready to just drop out of the academy but finally the officers left the room. Jacob just stood there, unsure on what to do.

Jacob’s thoughts were interrupted when an officer approached him. The man walked up and said “Hey kid, you didn’t hear it from me but the test is rigged, you’re supposed to fail and the whole point is to see how well you deal with failure, from what I saw, you did a great job at handling it” He then left the room without saying anything more. Jacob took a minute to absorb the information not knowing what to do next. He thought to call some of his friends to hang out. They met at a bar in downtown sector 67. Jacob and his friends always liked going there because it had an incredible window view of space and occasionally you’d be able to see the alien homeworld of the Greys. The first to show up was Kaylee, she was of the numerous scientists sent to study the planet itself and she always had something new to say. Chris, Jacobs other close friends was like always late, and arrived about 20 minutes later then expected. Chris originally enlisted as a foot soldier to help keep order on the planet. Since it’s been only a week since we made official contact there had been multiple rebellions and he was to be deployed in 2 days so Jacob wasn’t going to see much of him anytime soon.

“Hey guys guess what! I’ve been promoted to Captain!” Chris said with an eccentric tone,

“That great news! But How? Kaylee asked, you haven’t even seen combat yet let alone even step foot on the planet.”

“Well here’s the thing, my scores on both the marksmanship and reaction time tests convinced some of the generals that i’d be promoted”

“What about the intelligence report?” Jacob asked.

“Ehhhhh… that’s not important, what is important is that i’ve been promoted so drinks are on me!” Chris proclaimed as he called the bartender.

“I was waiting for you to say that” Kaylee joked

They all laughed at the remark. And by the end of the night Chris the drunkard was slumped over a table and Kaylee was rambling about the biology, geology, entomology, of the planet but Jacob was sober. He didn’t like getting drunk and instead would spend his time staring out a big glass window that he thought gave the perfect view of the alien world below, captivated by its presence. He was intrigued by the inhabitants and how they referred to the humans as “pale giants”. Jacob always had this feeling like he was meant to be here that his destiny awaits on that strange strange world. But only time would tell.

The Pale Giants Pt. 3

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Jacob awoke to only see that he was going to be late for one of the most important days of his life. Today was the day that Jacob would be deployed on to the world below where he’d be able to close up view of that strange place and would be able to interact with the Greys. Hopefully without violence. Jacob quickly got out of bed and went about his normal daily routine but at a hurried pace. So far Jacob had only seen videos and was incredibly excited. He hurried to the barracks where he met with the people in his battalion. Chris was apart of his battalion and that was originally how they met.

“Hey Jacob I thought you’d never show up!” Chris said as he greeted me

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world” Jacob said

“Alright Men!” Our commander had entered the room and started our debridement “Your training has prepared you for this moment but realize it only goes as far as your intelligence does so be alert at all times! The Greys have set up multiple strongholds in the sector 834, but know they are no match for our technology. I have 100% confidence in all of you so do not let me down. I wish you all the best of luck.

Jacob and his battalion left for the spaceport and entered the deployment ship where he buckled in for the ride ahead.

A voice appeared over the coms “Attention all Marines, you are to be deployed in 5 minutes please make sure you buckled in before that and expect heavy turbulence”

Jacob and Chris were sitting next to each other and were both noticeably nervous. They knew the risks of entering Grey controlled airspace the risks that they took. After 5 minutes the com once again spoke

“Launching in 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2..1…Good luck Men!” The com then shut off.

The shaking had started in the time prior to the countdown as the engines built up thrust and just like that they had left the port zooming down to the planet below at incredible speeds. As they entered the atmosphere the ship started to glow a brilliant white but the shields had protected them from the heat. Jacob looked at Chris and at that moment they smiled and Jacob, despite knowing what he was going into felt safe. Then in front of Jacob’s eyes he witnessed his entire battalion be consumed by the fireball that was now his ship.

The Pale Giants Pt. 4

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Once again Jacob is awoken from his dormant state to the sound of beeping, just this time it’s not his alarm. Instead, it is his suit warning him of multiple failures. Jacobs view slowly starts to become corporeal as he starts to piece together what happened. All he remembers is seeing his friend torn into space and their transport shuttle burst into flames, and then black. Jacob wasn’t going to ponder on how he survived and was more worried about how he would continue to do so. He searched the remains of the transporter, and there was no sign of any other survivors or the ships built in distress beacon. He thought to use his personal phone but realized that its signal would be nowhere near strong enough to reach the Command Center. Jacob recalled being taught that the Grey population started sending out a slurry of radio waves that in turn created a lot of static. This meant that his phones call for help would be indistinguishable from said static, and this was bad. But a benefactor of Jacob’s situation is that they taught about these kinds of things in the academy, about what you should/shouldn’t do when in this kind of scenarios.

Jacob was interrupted when his suit read “OXYGEN AT 15%” in bright red, Jacob had no intention of dying and quickly set out to work.

While much of the ship was devastated, he would salvage as much as he could from the remaining endoskeleton of the ship. He should be able to build a functioning airlock to seal himself away from the poisonous atmosphere that if his suit had punctured would have suffocated him in minutes.

“Great thing about modern technology, it’s become so localized and versatile that I can use my oxygen recycler in my suit to transform it into an oxygen converter to absorb oxygen from the atmosphere”. Jacob found he started to talk to himself, he blamed it on the lack of O2 and pushed forward as his mind became more and more blurred.

In a few hours time, his oxygen was depleted, and Jacob was facing near death, he relocated his suits O2 module to the wall, and it started siphoning the outside air’s oxygen, and Jacob inhaled the life-giving substance. His immediate need for survival now satisfied was replaced with grief as he realized that Chris and his crewmates were dead. But time was of the essence and Jacob had no time to mourn. He started to more carefully evaluate his situation. His O2 module can function for however long until the power runs out. His personal solar panels while incredibly efficient would not support him forever. He verified that he had enough food and water rations to last about a week, but that was it. As Jacob was planning his next move his thoughts were once again interrupted when he saw faint lights in the distance, and they were getting closer.

The Pale Giants Pt. 5

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Jacob squinted at the sight ahead of him, using his built-in telescope, he soon understood what was happening. The greys had located the crash site and was likely coming to salvage the disaster and to search for possible survivors. Jacob shuddered at the thought of being captured by the savages. Jacob could tell by contrast to the geography that they were helicopters. The only weapon Jacob had been a small pistol that remained holstered to his belt. It was stellar Human technology but he was one man and they were an army. Just as Jacob was leaving his pod and started to dash for the forest, he heard a voice.

“Halt! or the fire will onto you.”

Jacob froze in place turned around and saw at least 20 twenty armed Greys. He raised his arms up. Then a thought occurred.

“Do they understand that this means surrender and no-”


Jacob’s question was answered after his leg started screaming in pain. An amateur grey soldier who had panicked shot him thinking Jacob was attempting to attack. The grey officer surprised by the action quickly scolded the soldier and ordered the others to take Jacob away. After being thrown into a van three soldiers joined him. Jacob’s leg was quickly healing thanks to nano-tech enhanced blood. He knew that the Greys had no idea that he had healed and could maybe catch them off guard by leaping at one. But Jacob knew that it would be suicidal and the idea quickly abandoned him for being lunacy. Then in a moment of realisation Jacob remembered that they had removed his mobile device that included a self-destruction mechanism. The reason? Well, that was because if marines were captured, they could trigger the self-destruct dynamic killing them and any of the capturers. The best part? It was voice activated. The device sat there at the other end of the van. Jacob took a deep breath yelled the words that would either kill him or liberate him.

“Zulu Alpha Omega 1–3–8–3–1–0 J L!”

At that moment, it started beeping wildly before self-decimating into an inferno. The explosion left Jacob’s ear ringing and as he attempted to orientate himself, he stumbled out from the speeding van. As fast as Jacob could he got himself up to see that vans had stopped in unison about 100m out and broke for the forest surrounding the road. With his vision blurred, ears ringing, and body singed he ran through the trees weaving in about the bush. He heard yelling come from behind him which propelled his legs to greater speeds. But even with his speed, he heard the roaring of ATV’s. Even in the chaos, Jacob had noticed a small message in his suits overlay


He knew this was his chance and as he was just about to say the command to send the SOS signal he felt a bolt of electricity run through his spine that sent him crashing to the ground and his vision faded to black.