Celebrating 365 Days As Women’s Day @ Corporate !

Gender Diversity is not a program or a marketing campaign to recruit more staff from entry level to senior level. Organizations addressing gender diversity gap in this way relegates it to its compliance-driven origins. Even celebrating only on Women’s day indicates, we only care for gender diversity once in a year. In fact celebration should be a way of living for corporate all through the year because it brings the bottom line performance improvement for organizations.

Sources share the benefits of having gender diverse teams perform better than single gender team for various reasons with variety of proofs.

  • Men and Women having different viewpoints, ideas, market insights which enable better problem solving, ultimately leading to superior performance at the business level.
  • Gender diverse workforce provides easier access to resources such as multiple sources of information, wider industry knowledge
  • Gender diverse workforce allows company to serve diverse customer base with ease.

A diverse workforce is a company’s lifeblood, and diverse perspectives and approaches are the only means of solving complex and challenging business issues. Today it has become business imperative to drive value from people’s different perspectives on problems and different ways to address solutions.

As per Gallup reports , study of 800 business units from two companies representing two industries — retail and hospitality finds 14% & 19% higher average net profit. This is a one example to showcase the addictive effect of gender diversity and engagement in company’s bottom line.

Here is the approach can be exercised by organizations to improve gender diversity:


Every organization aspiring for gender diversity should conduct candid assessment through third party to understand the reality check. This assessment should include organization culture, environment, leadership support, management behaviour, policy effectiveness, governance, employee reflection, support system implementation etc.

The result of the assessment would become strong hold to create the strategy for truly making women pro organization. Once there is a conviction for creating gender diversity organization, some of the approaches listed below can be used.. Her Second Innings would be happy to facilitate to create true women pro organization to reap the benefits.

Setting up Inclusion Lab:

With the support of top leadership team, set up strategic initiative to drive the inclusion culture across organization. Encourage leaders to honor other people’s opinions and promote constructive debate. Understand covering biases and behaviors and approaches to changing them. Leadership drives inclusion; the process should start at the top. In fact, ideal would be the execution of the strategy should by third party organization to instil the confidence in employees mind.

Weaving Leadership Pipeline Programs:

Creating balanced and focused approach in leadership hiring and up-skilling talent should be the agenda across the boards. Provide focus on diversity thinking, for example hiring diverse background and coach them to lead the organization with expected results.

Employee Retention

One reason people leave organization is that they feel they no longer “belong”. They thrive to be part of another organization that appreciates their uniqueness. Hence it is important to look for adaptive good practices in the organization to retain the women employees. It means creating women friendly policy, management culture to believe in women pro organization, support system to handle the social life changes in the employment tenure becomes critical factors to retain the women employee.

Our research shows that most organizations are not there yet, but change is in the wind, and market leaders are starting to move from compliance to inclusion as a business strategy. We certainly believe corporate inc getting into the sweet spot to make more profits in the long run globally.

@ HerSecondInnings, we assess organization’s women pro culture to share candid reports with corporate to create strategy plan. Feel free to connect with us to know more about the services.

Manjula is a seasoned professional, passionate about bringing back women rockstars to the workplace. She’s always up to have a conversation about your career, pro-bono. Reach her at dmanjula@hersecondinnings.com