What Makes Chalcedony Aquaprase Stone So Popular?

Aquaprase gem

A new entrant in the world of gemstones, Chalcedony Aquaprase, is a unique bluish-green color rock. Traded as ‘Aquaprase’, it reflects the richness of nature with a sandy and earthy tone. A rare gem, it is quite extraordinary and truly outshines any other gems you’ve known so far.

Although Chalcedony stones were discovered earlier, its newest variety Aquaprase was submitted to GIA’s Carlsbad laboratory by Yianni Melas of Greece. The translucent material has become extremely popular since its discovery and is in great demand among Chalcedony Aquaprase stone jewelry manufacturers in India. Its unique composition and absorption spectrum makes it distinctively different from other varieties. The beautiful and attractive Aquaprase has been welcomed in the gem trade with open arms and has been widely accepted by customers.

Impressive Metaphysical Properties

The blue colour spectrum of Aquaprase creates an elemental relationship with the throat chakra. As a result, the wearer can harness the innate abilities of meditation as well as impactful speech. It directly taps into the communication centers of the universe and therefore, makes the wearer extremely aware of himself and his surroundings. It helps people to think about every aspect before jumping to a solution.

Aquaprase is also known to unite water and earth, mirroring the reality of the natural world around us. It, therefore, brings together the energy of the ocean waves and the sand found on earth. It recognizes their interconnectedness and establishes its importance with respect to the entire world.

Who Will Benefit From Aquaprase?

For years Aquaprase was considered similar to normal chalcedony rocks and no one bothered to examine its properties. But, its addition to the gems laboratory has increased its takers. Since it is known to create a balance between the static and kinetic parts of our being, it is ideal for people trying to bring about big changes in their lives. Swimmers, surfers or sailors, whose lives are connected to the flow of the sea can hugely benefit from Aquaprase.

The bluish-green gemstone is known to improve the abilities to learn new languages, imparts mental flexibility and improves the immune system.It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to keep blood pressure in check. It is also a good healer for the lungs, respiratory system, gallbladder, eyes and the circulatory system.

Healing Properties of Chalcedony Stones

Chalcedony is renowned for its nurturing properties. It is known to promote good will and effectively absorb negativity from our lives. It also creates a harmony between the body, mind and emotions. As a result, it creates stability in your life. The stone is also considered to have magical properties that transform melancholy situations in life to joyful ones. If you are a gemstone enthusiast or believe in its healing properties, give chalcedony stones or Aquaprase a chance to make your life better.

Aquaprase is the new hero of the gemstone industry and a lot of people are trying to utilize its metaphysical properties to improve their life. Chalcedony Aquaprase stone jewelry manufacturers in India have also started using it to produce attractive ornaments.

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