What we learned about 3D avatars in 7 years of making them

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator whose work was featured on over thirty covers of the New Yorker magazine. In the first episode of Netflix’s docuseries “Abstract,” Niemann introduced a concept called abstract-o-meter. It suggests that every idea has a just-right way to represent it. It can’t be too abstract nor too realistic. For example, no one would know that you meant to talk about love if you used a red pixel to represent it. The same thing applies to a realistic drawing of heart, which looks more disgusting rather than lovely. …

Over 40,000 avatars created from a single Reddit post

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the most anticipated game releases of the past decade. Ever since we saw the first teaser trailer back in 2013, the hype around the game kept growing. Of course, there was a delay or two on the way, which made some people quite impatient, like sending-death-threats impatient. We managed to stay calm for a few more weeks. Instead, we used our excitement to create something for all of the waiting Choombas — Cyberpunk-themed Ready Player Me avatars.

Cyberpunk subreddit loved our avatar creator

Our team spent two weeks building the Cyberpunk character creator. …

Oh boy, 2020 was a year. I remember thinking back in March that “it will last a few months, and then everything will be back to normal.” Yeah, right. But, on a positive note, Apple had a fantastic year, and the pandemic did well for them. Not only did we get four well-produced events in a single year, but, at last, we got widgets on the iPhone’s homescreen! Like last year and the year before that, I want to look at the current state of my iPhone’s homescreen.

Last year, I said this:

“I’m still rocking the first iPhone X…

And how to double your Payback points

Up until a few months ago, I never owned a credit card. For anyone coming from the US, this might seem weird, but for everyone in Europe, that’s not surprising. Instead of credit cards, we simply use debit cards connected straight to our bank accounts. Most European banks offer standard Mastercard or Visa cards that are accepted everywhere, offline or online. There are some exceptions like Germany and the Netherlands, where banks issue Maestro or V Pay cards that cannot be used for online payments.

The important thing is that Europeans don’t use and often don’t trust credit cards, as…

First impressions from using the brand new digital bank from Berlin

Living in Poland got me very used to banks that put their digital user experience in the first place. Almost every bank in Poland offers a great mobile app, mobile payments, instant inter-bank transfers, and online registration. To my surprise, most of these things were not standard for many big Western European banks. That’s why, when I moved to Germany, instead of creating an account with Sparkasse or Commerzbank, I decided to go with N26, a challenger bank based in Berlin.

Those big banks managed to catch up and started offering more modern features, but most of them still charge…

Courtesy of the author

This year’s WWDC will, for sure, be a unique one. Up until now, all of the developer conferences organised by Apple took place in person, with the keynotes and the individual sessions streamed live and available for on-demand access via Apple Developer website. This year, though, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19 and social distancing measures caused by it, Apple will host the event fully online.

There have been some rumours spreading regarding the future releases of Apple’s platforms, but we don’t really know how much of that Apple is going to show. …

Photo credit: my girlfriend!

Currently, I cannot imagine using a different desktop system than macOS. Not only is it more reliable than Windows for the creative kind of work I do, but also, there are plenty of tools that are exclusive to the platform. Among many of them, I use Sketch, Pixelmator Pro, and Final Cut Pro. Besides those tools, some smaller utilities make using a Mac even better. Here are some of my favourites.

AirBuddy and NoiseBuddy

Cáfe-level coffee using Hario’s V60 and an AeroPress when working remotely

Photo Credit: Slawek Agata

The internet is being flooded with content on working remotely and setting up a workspace at home. But there is one thing that all the publications are missing out — coffee. For most people, a mug of this heavily-caffeinated liquid is their way to start off the day. It’s no different for me. Working from home may mean that you’re cut off from an office coffee machine. Going out to a local cafe may also be risky, as you’re exposing yourself to contact with other people. So, why not try brewing coffee at home? And I mean brewing — not…

Using Xiaomi Single Button with HomeKit

I’m trying to keep my use of technology as healthy as possible. I’ve been using features like Night Shift and Screen Time since they became available. They are an essential part of how I use my tech devices. But how does this approach translate to my smart home?

First of all, as I mentioned in my previous articles, I’m using automations based on motion sensors, location, and time of the day. That’s enough to, for example, make the lights turn on when my girlfriend and I are back home or turn off heating when we are out.

For most of…

My current iPhone Homescreen
My current iPhone Homescreen
My current iPhone Homescreen

Surprisingly, my iPhone’s Homescreen has changed a lot since last year. I’m still very much into the idea of having only the essential apps on the main page and keeping the rest of them in folders on the second screen, but the selection of the apps that I have on the first one changed a lot.

As a side note — I’m still rocking the first iPhone X. It’s held up quite well, but I’m looking forward to upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro (or however the next generation will be called). …

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