Never Walk Alone

“Hello your biopsy results are in,” the striking voice from the telephone explains. “You need to come in and talk to us.” This is it. The moment of truth that nearly all women must live through at some point in their lives. Results of these test can, and will surely, change lives forever- for better or worse. “Sign up for the walk and raise money to help the american Cancer Society save lives, and give cancer patients a hand to hold.” An appeal to achieve is made to all those without cancer to come and help others overcome their hardships resulting from the diagnosis of breast cancer. In such a stressful time, all women need something to lean on; someone to support them. The American Cancer Society also uses this ad as an appeal to guidance, letting all those who have breast cancer know that they will have support every step of the way.

The American Cancer Society attempts to touch the viewers emotions with the portrayal of a woman who has just received a call that she must go in to discover her biopsy results, and fears for the worst. This ad is a call for help. A call for all to come and support those who must go through such a hard time in their life. The ad appeals to achieve by attempting to raise money and support to hinder the effects of breast cancer. Viewers will feel obligated to get up and do something; to support cancer research and patients as they overcome the deadly disease that kills thousands every year.

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