Teachers Going Gradeless
Arthur Chiaravalli

Thirty years teaching has shown that grades matter. Learning does not have to be compliant to grades, but a fair grading system ensures that learning is validated. Also, grading does not have to be reliant on written or verbal testing. There are other measuring schemes. Not everyone deserves or is entitled to a trophy. Losing promotes learning. If properly coached, it teaches the “why” so a student can learn why they didn’t score high and a correction for life learning can be made. It is unfortunate that the teaching profession has lost the ability to learn that life picks winners and losers if grading is not included in teaching life skills to survive. Hence our current societal downfall. Therefore, grades will continue to be issued in my classroom and I will continue to help my students understand what the “why” is in how and why they failed and to guide them to find success in the future in learning from their failures.

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