Brainfood and Mozilla’s Open Innovation Team Kick Off Text Classification Open Source Experiment

Mozilla’s Open Innovation team is beginning a new effort to understand more about motivations and rewards for open source collaboration. Our goal is to expand the number of people for whom open source collaboration is a rewarding activity.

An interesting question is: While the server side benefits from opportunities to work collaboratively, can we explore them further on the client side, beyond browser features and their add-on ecosystems? User interest in “filter bubbles” gives us an opportunity to find out. The new FilterBubbler project provides a platform…

The IAB has come up with “L.E.A.N.” and “D.E.A.L.” for strategies to face down the ad blocking problem. But if that’s all we do, we would be wasting a crisis here. Worse, we have the adfraud crisis happening at the same time, so we would be wasting two crises.

The big problem from the web publisher point of view is:

The same content brings in an order of magnitude less ad revenue on the web than in print.

From the advertiser point of view, that looks like:

The web is a low-value advertising medium.

Making changes around the edges to…

Scott Cunningham, Senior Vice President of Technology and Ad Operations at the adtech industry organization IAB, is introducing a new concept called “L.E.A.N. Ads.”

Today, the IAB Tech Lab is launching the L.E.A.N. Ads program. Supported by the Executive Committee of the IAB Tech Lab Board, IABs around the world, and hundreds of member companies, L.E.A.N. stands for Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads. These are principles that will help guide the next phases of advertising technical standards for the global digital advertising supply chain.

The media are covering this as some kind of change in direction for IAB…

Former media buyer Rick Webb explains to web publishers why ad fraud is a leak in your end of the boat, and so not his problem.

We use banners as little billboards now. We use them strategically as incredibly cheap (so cheap) repeat impressions for brand awareness. We know many people don’t see them, we know most people don’t see them. That’s okay. We use them accordingly, and the cost has been adjusted down to make them a perfectly great buy even though most people don’t see them. …

Don Marti

Don Marti works on open innovation at Mozilla. He used to be editor of Linux Journal, and also contributes to the Aloodo project.

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